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MAC/08721 Rotary Type Can Tester

Perfectly synchronizes with Body Assembly Lines to examine leakage on cans.

Cans are fed by a conveyor to the machine and pneumatic stoppers are holding the cans on the conveyor.

A star which is rotating synchronized with the main rotary heads of the tester is taking the cans one by one and placing them under one of the eighteen testing heads. Upper tampon is pressed down pneumatically to the filing hole for hermetic seal. Vacuum pump sucks the air up to the set point and a special valve closes the line.

Analog vacuum gauge is following the pressure range and if the pressure is under set range,

the can is ejected while passing

the exit conveyor.

  • Inline machine
  • Testing principle: By vacuum (supply by electrical vacuum pump)
  • Testing of can with filling hole on the corner, on center or top full open cans.
  • With protection cabin
  • Easy and User friendly HMI
  • Testing machine for smaller size round and square cans and faster machines available



Capacity 50 cans/min 
Testing Stations 18 heads
Testing Time 15 second (approximate)
Body Height Range 250 – 400 mm
Min. Body Dimensions 190 x 190 mm
Max. Body Dimensions 235 x 235 mm
Total Electric Power 2.3 kW

Air Consumption 30 Lt / minute (at 5 bar)

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