Core Values

We expect our families, our respected managers and all of our employees to adhere to our basic principles that bring us to this day, in order to carry our reliable brand and strong business relationships, which we have been honored with success, to the next generations. These principles, which we have determined, are the priority of all kinds of gains while making our decisions.


In order for the family environment we have created to be sustainable, we maintain the relationship we have established with all our stakeholders without sacrificing honesty, fairness and our values.

We value mutual trust and virtue above all else.


We believe that when making decisions regarding our activities, our responsibilities towards our relevant stakeholders and the criticisms and demands for the benefit of the company due to the activities carried out should be taken into consideration.

In our choices, we pursue the best with a professional and rational approach from the perspective of the company.


Focusing on quality is a way of life for us. We aim to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level by standardizing the quality in our relations, activities, processes and working conditions.

We believe that the weakness of quality is the biggest waste.


We care about being the pioneer of innovation in order to prevent the ever-changing competitive environment and developing market needs. Our understanding of innovation is based on three basic principles:

To be constantly curious to learn, to be agile while implementing what we have learned, and to be system-minded in order to maintain the level we have reached.