Can Body Assembly Lines

MAC/352 Double Side Ear Lug Welding Machine

The machine is designed for automatically aligning and welding of ear lugs on conical pails or round can bodies in single operation.

Place the body on the pneumatic stopper and depress the foot pedal. Automatically the operation will be started. The ear lugs for each side will be fed from the vibrators to the electrodes. The electrodes will clamp the body and start welding operation. After welding, the body will slide from the loading table and machine is ready for next operation. It is possible to weld ear lugs after ring seaming.

  • External water cooling system

  • Aligning/feeding of ear lugs by vibrator

  • Electronic welding control

  • Pre-heating before welding

  • Adjustable welding power and time

  • Welding of internally painted cans


Capacity 30 cpm
Can Diameter (adjustable) 160 - 300 mm
Transformer Power 70 kVA
Supply Voltage 220/380 Volt - 50/60 Hz
Air Consumption 5 Bar 1.1 lt/operation
Approx. Machine Weight 850 Kg
Machine Dimension 1250 x 900 x 150 mm

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