End, Ring & Lid Making Lines

MAC/64413 Multi Station Triple Tight Ring Forming and Curling Machine

Multi station system is designed for processing triple tight rings, ends, lids and drawn parts.

The unfinished products are carried from press to the machine by turn over and infeed conveyor.

Then, they are separated out from magazine or conveyor and synchronized to the transfer arms.

The transfer arms are moved in horizontal position, with linear bearing guide, completely mechanic synchronized to the stroke motion.

This machine consists of following stations:

1st Station: Forming of seaming edge and drawing inner edge

2nd Station: Die-curling of the inner edge

3rd Station: Roller curling and lining of seaming edge Optionally, die-curling of seaming edge can be performed. In the same station, lining with single nozzle can be added.

4th Station: Horizontal disc stacker or vertical oven can be added directly behind the machine.

Capacity 100 rings/minute
Diameter 65 - 175 mm
Sheet Thickness 0.16 – 0.32 mm

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