Tin Can Production Machines

3 piece and 2 piece tin cans production solutions.

End, Lid, Ring Making Lines

Every type of end,lid & ring making lines.

Industrial Solutions

Technical support and solutions related to metal packaging industry.


MAC/24116 Filled Can Seaming Machine

Fully automatic filled can seaming machine is designed for seaming of round tin, aluminum or composite cans. It seams on the principle of rotating can. Standalone machine is with its own conveyor belt and a fully automatic can and lid feeder. On the free stations, before the seaming operation, other modules such as filler, gassing or other customized special solutions can be implementable. The exit conveyor is ideal for product labeling by inkjet printer. The machine is made of fully stainless material for corrosion resistance in wet or dry operations.

MAC/1316 Single Head Triple Tight Pail Drum Seaming Machine

The UN-approved pails or drums’ seaming is created out by six seaming rollers. Pails or drums are placed on the infeed conveyor and the lids are stacked on the lid stacker. System takes one can and one lid and places them with servo drive to the seaming station where the seaming operation starts by lifting the can up to the seaming head. During the seaming operation the can is stationary.

MAC/2350 Can Body Welder

Fully automatic machine is developed for giving cylindrical shape and seam welding operation of three-piece can bodies.• Separation of the body sheets from the Non-Stop magazine by vacuum• Three way easy loading possibility of the strips on magazineCapacity: 120 cans/minute

MAC/230 Semi-Automatic Round Seaming Machine

Mechanic-pneumatic machine is designed for the purpose of bottom and top seaming operation of the round body after flanging operation. Place the body, with the end on it, on the bottom mould and depress the electrical foot pedal. The machine will automatically clamp, seam and release the body. It is suitable to seam tin can, aluminum, EOE and Peel-Off covers


Umar Mission

"Our goal is to fulfill this mission: to reach the standardization (service, product quality) and compete with the world within the framework of profitability, productivity and efficiency principles, to be effective and To be a firm that can measure success with customer satisfaction and produce fast, efficient and quality solutions to customer needs.

Umar Vision

To be a firm that is at the forefront of the preferences in the sector by taking power from the quality of the services we offer to our country. To define service quality and capacity as a goal every day. To live and live by creating an integrated identity integrated with entrepreneurs, managers, employees, customers and social stakeholders

About Umar

Our corporation was established in 1972 and has been serving in the machine branch since its establishment. At the same time, based on both traditional and modern service architecture, Umar Makina has developed and continues to develop its infrastructure in line with the needs of the society. Our effective and solution-focused approach is our key qualities that distinguish us from competitors. We have adopted a quality service approach based on customer satisfaction in order to become a strong, stable and preferred firm in the field as a brand. By fulfilling our commitments on time and in the most proper way, we became a true solution partner to our customers for their needs in metal packaging production.

Umar Makina began its journey by producing Round Can Seaming Machine in Murat Efendi Street, Kucukpazar, Istanbul where is the centre of metal packaging industry in that time.



In the same years, Umar Makina produced the first Die-Lining Machine in Turkey in 100m2 production area with a very few employee.
Metal packaging industry started to grow day by day and new production facilities were build up throughout Turkey. According to sector needs, Side Seam Lock Machine was produced.



Lubeca Type Angular Seaming Machine which is very suitable for seaming of 5 Kg tin can used in olive oil industry was produced.
In the years of when side locked and soldered tin cans usage was over, Umar Makina was started new journey all over the world by producing Seam Welding Machine.  



Efficiency of metal packaging was seen by people all over the world and as a result of this, in order to make the tin can rigid, Paneling (Embossing) Machine was manufactured.
Umar Makina kept on developing new technologies and increasing its production capacity when it was moved to its new factory in Aksaray, Istanbul.



Umar Makina was widened its product range by manufacturing conical pail assembly machineries. It leaded production of UN-approved pails by following all the innovations in that area since that time.
Umar Makina made great contributions to tin can manufacturers in order to increase their efficiency and security by producing Press with Automatic Strip Feeder.



Umar Makina has modernized its production facilities by purchasing its first CNC machine. 
Umar Makina became one of the leaders in usage of PLC automation system in Turkey by producing Automatic Strip Feed Press.



Umar Makina was moved its new production plant with the area of 3000 m2 in Dudullu Industrial Zone,Istanbul where today still continues its operations.
Umar Makina was improved can body welder production, after first production in 1982, by manufacturing Automatic Can Body Welder.



Umar Makina has started to produce fully automatic and fast can body assembly lines by manufacturing firstly Horizontal Body Assembly Line.
Umar Makina has started to manufacture food can production machineries by developing Seam Protection Line. It especially contributed to increase the quality of cheese cans.



Umar Makina made great contributions to metal packaging industry by automating standalone machines.
Umar Makina produced a successful combination machine by developing Multi Station Pressing and Lining Machine. This machine was exhibited in Metpack Fair in Essen, Germany in 2014.



By producing efficient, modern and successful Irregular Can Assembly Lines, Umar Makina entered to the irregular metal packaging cans industry.
Irregular End Making Line is developed with innovative and high-tech systems instead of conventional ones and so this line contributed to angular can production industry to solve their problems.



Fully Stainless Steel Seaming Machine was produced by Umar Makina in order to seam filled cans. In this way, Umar Makina will take a part in a new sector.

The InterPack & MetPack exibitions, whose supposed to happen at last May,  were postponed to February 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are looking forward to present you our latest machineries & meet with you there!