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Founded in 1972 in Istanbul, Umar Makina Co. became a benchmark in the modern Turkish industry by exporting the first Turkish-made machinery. Today, our commitment to top-notch global quality results in 85% of our annual production being exported worldwide. Our Industry 4.0 compatible smart production lines transform customers' operations into intelligent plants, providing real-time access through online software solutions and many more in built automation advancements. 

Industry Compatibility
100 %
100% Industry 4.0 compatibility
85 %
85% export in total annual production
46 +
Over 46 years of export experience
100 %
100% production and software in our own facilities
40 +
Machinery and box lines actively operating in over 40 countries
International Customer
120 +
Over 120 active international customers


Food & Beverage Industries
Chemical & Paint Industry
Metal Packaging & Can Making Industry
Automative, Aviation & Defence Industry

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Umar Makina began its journey by producing Round Can Seaming Machine in Murat Efendi Street, Kucukpazar, Istanbul where is the centre of metal packaging industry in that time.


In the same years, Umar Makina produced the first Die-Lining Machine in Turkey in 100m2 production area with a very few employee.


Metal packaging industry started to grow day by day and new production facilities were build up throughout Turkey. According to sector needs, Side Seam Lock Machine was produced.


Lubeca Type Angular Seaming Machine which is very suitable for seaming of 5 Kg tin can used in olive oil industry was produced.


In the years of when side locked and soldered tin cans usage was over, Umar Makina was started new journey all over the world by producing Seam Welding Machine.


Umar Makina kept on developing new technologies and increasing its production capacity when it was moved to its new factory in Aksaray, Istanbul.


Efficiency of metal packaging was seen by people all over the world and as a result of this, in order to make the tin can rigid, Paneling (Embossing) Machine was manufactured.


Umar Makina was widened its product range by manufacturing conical pail assembly machineries. It leaded production of UN-approved pails by following all the innovations in that area since that time.


Umar Makina made great contributions to tin can manufacturers in order to increase their efficiency and security by producing Press with Automatic Strip Feeder.


Umar Makina has modernized its production facilities by purchasing its first CNC machine.


Umar Makina became one of the leaders in usage of PLC automation system in Turkey by producing Automatic Strip Feed Press.


Umar Makina was moved its new production plant with the area of 3000 m2 in Dudullu Industrial Zone,Istanbul where today still continues its operations.


Umar Makina was improved can body welder production, after first production in 1982, by manufacturing Automatic Can Body Welder.


Umar Makina has started to produce fully automatic and fast can body assembly lines by manufacturing firstly Horizontal Body Assembly Line.


Umar Makina made great contributions to metal packaging industry by automating standalone machines.


Umar Makina produced a successful combination machine by developing Multi Station Pressing and Lining Machine. This machine was exhibited in Metpack Fair in Essen, Germany in 2014.


Irregular End Making Line is developed with innovative and high-tech systems instead of conventional ones and so this line contributed to angular can production industry to solve their problems.


Fully Stainless Steel Seaming Machine was produced by Umar Makina in order to seam filled cans. In this way, Umar Makina will take a part in a new sector.


17 Lt Angular Can Body Assembly Line has increased its capacity to topnotch level on global tincan market for this size as 60 cans per minute.


Automatic Hole Punching Machine has increased its ability to punch a filling hole either on corner or on the middle of the tin can lids and comes with optional 3 operationed version including curling for filling hole.


Umar Makina has produced its first Can Leakage Testing Machine with 18 Vacuum station in rotary type. Automatic Tester is able to syncronise your Body Assembly Line with production capacity of 60 can per minute.

0 Carbon Footprint

Welcome to the future of the machinery industry with 0 carbon footprint. Our cutting-edge technology and unrivaled know-how opens the door to a new level of production efficiency and productivity.

Zero Carbon Footprint
Our machinery industry services offer an environment built with the latest technology and a zero carbon footprint, making our operations highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Improved Efficiency and Performance
Our services are designed to deliver improved efficiency and performance across all your machine-related operations, resulting in reduced downtime and increased output.


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