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MAC/12522 Automatic Strip Feed Press

Automatic strip feed press is designed to perform cutting and stamping of tin ends, lids, and rings. The strip is separated by vacuum suckers from the magazine and a pneumatic piston is pushing it to the feeding fingers. Strip feeding to the die is performed by double finger bar to have possibility using of double die. The feeding fingers are getting force from the crankshaft by chain. All linear movements on the strip feeding unit are guided by linear-bearing system.

  • Pneumatic operated disc clutch and spring brake system

  • Machine is developed to obtain maximum die life

  • Mechanical overload protection on the ram

  • Non-stop strips stacker system avoids stopping the machine while feeding the magazine

  • The PLC control system and the display provide easy use and follow all alarm messages

  • Central lubrication system controlled by PLC

  • Safety devices provide control of double strip feed, stuck in die area, stuck at skeleton strip eject area, low air pressure and operator safety guards 

MAC/1024 MAC/1025 MAC/1026
Capacity 40 tons 50 tons 60 tons
Ram Stroke 30 - 90 mm 100 mm 130 mm
Cutting Diameter 100 - 220 mm 100 - 250 mm 100 - 220 mm
Maximum Strip Width 230 mm 260 mm 230 mm
Strip Length 600 - 1040 mm 600 - 1040 mm 600 - 1040 mm
Stroke Amount 120 stroke/minute 100 stroke/minute 60 stroke/minute
Angle of the press 600 600 300
Strip Stacking Height 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Air Pressure of Operation 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Total power 6 kW 8 kW 8 kW

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