End, Ring & Lid Making Lines

MAC/80711 Angular End Making Line

In this production line, angular ends and covers that are fully curled and lined are manufactured automatically.

This line consists of machines below:

  1. MAC/12522 Automatic Strip Feed Press

  2. MAC/61742 Automatic End Curling and Lining Machine

  3. MAC/37740 Vertical Pocket Oven

  4. MAC/16701 Horizontal Stacker

Flat edge angular ends are stamped by MAC/1020 Automatic Strip Feed Press. Then they are transferred by a conveyor to MAC/61742 Automatic Angular End Curling and Lining Machine. In this machine, by a roller system, flat edge ends are fully curled and then they are lined with sealing compound by a double nozzle system. The curled and lined angular ends are fed to MAC/37740 Vertical Pocket Oven in order to dry the sealing compound. Finally, the ends are stacked in groups after drying operation.

  • De-stacker of flat edge ends

  • Curling station with rollers for curling flat edge ends to full curled ends

  • Lining station with double nozzle system

  • Curling or/and lining stations (optional)

  • Automation system with servo motion control

  • Easy maintenance and practical adjustment

  • 90 lt compound tank with mixer

  • Stacking of ends in groups


60 - 80 ends/minute

End Dimension Range

80x80 mm - 235x235 mm

Supply Voltage

44 kW 220/380 V 50/60 Hz

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