End, Ring & Lid Making Lines

MAC/64735 Angular Lid Handle Spot Welding Machine, Filling Hole Punching and Edge Curling Machine

Consists of following stations:

1. station: Feeding

The flat edge ends coming from oven are taken one by one and transferred between the stations.

2. station: Spot welding

Two vibrators one is for the plastic handle and the other is for the handle bridge are fed to the spot welding point where this two components are welded to the lid.

3. station: Filling hole pulling

Mechanic force press system for punching the filling hole.

4. station: Filling hole edge curling

Mechanic force press system for edge curling of the filling hole

5. station: Stacker

Vertical magnetic stacking in unit

Capacity 50 ends/minute
End dimension 235x235
Filling Hole Diameter 32-56 mm
Total Power 60 kW

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