Can Body Welders & Seam Protection

MAC/35234 Seam Protection and Curing System

This line is designed for protection of weld seam of three-piece cans. It can be used in front of different brand welding machines.
Seam Protection is with automatic inside powder, outside wet lacquer roller application and curing system.
Seam Protection and Curing System consists of:

Inside Seam Protection by Electrostatic Powder Application Unit
Completely automatic application system for inside electrostatic powder stripe protection includes:

  • The main cabinet with vacuum, filtering, distribution and recycling group
  • Powder application group complete with feeding tank, electronic unit for powder electrostatic charge control, powder arm and powder spray gun with high voltage cascade
  • Powder stripe width is 10 mm which is standard of UMAR (optional widths are possible)
  • Powder suction hood placed inside the overhead magnetic conveyor for overspray powder recycling
  • On-board electric cabinet with PLC control board
  • Powder pipes and electric wires to be fitted on the welding arm
  • Vibrating trolley to support customer’s powder drum, complete with pump and pipes to transfer the powder to the main cabinet

Outside Weld Protection with Roller Lacquer Application
Complete seam coating system for the application of the mono component protective lacquer on the outside weld seam of metal containers. This equipment is designed for top weld cans includes:

  • Magnetic connection conveyor to transfer the cans from welders overhand exit conveyor to the curing system conveyor with adjustable transfer speed.
  • Steel frame connected to oven frame and motorized can diameter adjustment together with the oven conveyor.
  • Lacquer application units height and centralization done easily by screw guide.

Curing System (Straight configuration)
Equipment is designed for the polymerization of the seam protection lacquer and/or powder, for top welded cans:

  • Heating system LPG or Natural gas
  • 4 pcs heating modules, straight, complete with safety protection covers
  • Can transport by means of single belt, with integrated magnetic rails to keep the cans on the right axis during transport.
  • Adjustable speed of can conveyor belt
  • Total heating length approx. 6 meter
  • Natural-gas consumption at 20 mbar for each burner 1,5 meter = approx. 1m3/h
  • LPG consumption at 20 mbar for each burner 1,5 meter = approx. 0,6m3/h
Capacity 9 - 25m/min*
Diameter 70 - 300 mm
Powder Applying Width 8 - 10 mm
Temperature 150 - 250 C
Curing Length 6m (4x1,5m Burner)
Curing Gas LPG or Natural Gas
Total Power 6 kW

* Depends on welding speed.

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