Can Body Welders & Seam Protection

MAC/2350 Can Body Welder (Non-Stop)

Fully automatic machine is developed for giving cylindrical shape and seam welding operation of three-piece can bodies. 

  • Separation of the body sheets from the Non-Stop magazine by vacuum
  • Three way easy loading possibility of the strips on magazine
  • Roll-forming of the body with knife system
  • Feeding of body to the welding rollers is done by servo drive linear axis
  • Including exit conveyor and external cooling unit
  • Easy adjustment and minimum tool changing time
  • Movable control touch panel for easy-handy command
  • All machine and safety devices are controlled by PLC with digital LCD display like double sheet, wire brake-off, low air pressure, cooling water heat, air pressure control and other operator safety components
  • Modern and safety design with protection covers
  • Electronic welding current control and welding speed adjustment
  • The machine is ready for adding Powder Coating Equipment when it is needed
Capacity 120 cans/minute*
Body Diameter 84 - 175 mm
Body Height 70 - 350 mm
Sheet Thickness 0,18 - 0,30 mm
Copper Wire Diameter 1,38 - 1,50 mm
Seam Overlap 0,6mm
Welding Speed 12 - 21 m/minute*
Welding Frequency 135 Hz (Static)
Operation Air Pressure 5 Bar
Total Connecting Load 18kVa

* Depends on body diameter and height.

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