Can Body Assembly Lines

MAC/23211 - Vacuum Round Can Seaming Machine

Pneumatic-mechanic drive machine is designed to evacuate, gas and seam cans at a single work station. Place the filled can, with the lid on it, onto the bottom seaming chuck. After pressing the electrical foot pedal, the operations will be performed automatically.

  • High precision, adjustable vacuum and gas pressure microprocessors

  • PLC controls are SIEMENS, all pneumatic equipment is FESTO, vacuum pump is German BUSCH

  • Machine does not need special "Vacuum Can Lids" and can seam every type of lids perfectly

  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical production (such as milk powder, coffee, dried fruits, etc.)

  • Low investment, low operating costs, easy and safe operation

Capacity (Without Vacuum) 20 - 25 cans/minute
Capacity (With Vacuum) 12 - 15 cans/minute
Can Diameter 52 - 110 mm
Air Consumption 2 lt/operation
Residual Oxygen Content Less than %0,5*
Operation Air Pressure 5 Bar
Total Power 4 kW
Machine Weight 550 Kg

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